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Edmond Climate Network is a fully integrated climate value chain solution to help fashion and luxury companies in the ultimate purpose of fighting climate changes, by measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon footprint to achieve global decarbonization targets

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How we approach

Our integrated management tool is designed by fashion industry experts for fashion industry experts and allow to calculate the carbon footprint at product level reducing it during design and product development phases.

Our Values


We are passionate about what we do and we challenge the status quo every day.


We hold ourselves and our customers accountable for the actions that affect the planet.


We care about our partners, we don’t promise or offer services in which we do not truly believe. Our reputation as a high-quality service provider cannot be compromised.


The dignity of every person working with us and around us must be preserved above all interests.


We believe that everyone has a unique talent. Our mission is to identify and nurture it.


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