french eco labeling
In this article we want to bring your attention on an important step that French Government has […]
cotton traceability
Traceability in the cotton supply chain is a topic will grow following the growing demand for transparency […]
Brooke Harris – KPMG U.S. Advisory Director, ESG – Energy TransitionMaura Hodge – KPMG U.S. ESG Audit LeaderSource: […]
Digital Product Passport
Digital product passports (DPP) aim to gather data on a product and its supply chain and share […]
Extended responsibility of producer
Italy is a country that consumes a lot of textiles: in 2018 the expenditure for the purchase […]
climate change
Companies in the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action are making promising strides when it comes to […]
Kearney Circular Fashion Index 2023
According to the Kearney Circular Fashion Index, 2023 Gucci is the most responsible luxury brand. The ranking, […]
The Status of Recycling textile
Apparel Inside will publish the new report dedicated to the recycling of textiles within a few days. […]
Consumer behaviors
As the cost of living continues to rise globally, consumers have drastically adjusted their spending behavior, with […]
EU labeling
In mid-March 2023, the EU Commission published the new Common Criteria against greenwashing and misleading environmental claims. […]