Following a recent McKinsey study, fashion labels of all sizes have boldly pledged to craft more eco-friendly […]
A central theme of EU strategies for sustainable fashion, the digital passport is increasingly at the center […]
The Circular Economy Report 2023, developed by the Energy&Strategy of the School of Management of the Polytechnic […]
The fashion industry is experiencing a profound transformation as it embraces sustainability in response to growing environmental […]
In the age of increasing environmental and ethical awareness, the fashion industry is under growingscrutiny for its […]
The fashion industry has long been celebrated for its creativity, innovation, and ever-changing trends.However, despite the glamorous […]
cotton traceability
Traceability in the cotton supply chain is a topic will grow following the growing demand for transparency […]
Extended responsibility of producer
Italy is a country that consumes a lot of textiles: in 2018 the expenditure for the purchase […]
climate change
Companies in the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action are making promising strides when it comes to […]
Kearney Circular Fashion Index 2023
According to the Kearney Circular Fashion Index, 2023 Gucci is the most responsible luxury brand. The ranking, […]